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Who are you?

Gohmn is Andrew Williams. I’m a freelance digital artist and motion designer based out of Flagstaff, AZ. 


What do you do?

I make abstract-y, surreal-ish, sci fi-esque art. I’ve produced content used by NBA, Imagine Dragons, Take-Two Interactive, Heroic and others.


What is Gohmn?

Gohmn is a pseudonym derived from Legend of Zelda boss, Gohma. It doesn’t have any inherent meaning. 


How the hell is Gohmn pronounced?

The H and N are silent. So Gohmn rhymes with home, foam, roam, etc. It’s weird, I know.


Are you available for work?

As of 12/30/17 I am accepting new clients. Email or use the form below to get in touch. Let’s make some cool shit together.


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