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Who are you?

Gohmn is Andrew Williams. I’m a freelance digital artist and motion designer based out of Flagstaff, AZ. 


What do you do?

I make abstract-y, surreal-ish, sci fi-esque art. I’ve produced content used by NBA, Imagine Dragons, Take-Two Interactive, Heroic and others.


What is Gohmn?

Gohmn is a pseudonym derived from Legend of Zelda boss, Gohma. It doesn’t have any inherent meaning. 


How the hell is Gohmn pronounced?

The H and N are silent. So Gohmn rhymes with home, foam, roam, etc. It’s weird, I know.


Are you available for work?

Get in touch! I'm accepting new clients and open to brainstorming. Email or use the form below to reach out. Let’s make some cool shit together.


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